Opening a database

Click on the [Start] button of Windows, Programs, LorikSoftware and then on the name of the program to launch. If you have created a shortcut, you just have to double click on the  icon.

This program requires a connection to a database previously created:


Fill in the appropriate fields an click on the [OK] button. Please report to the connection database chapter for more details.

Once the database is opened a login panel is displayed.

When you log in as the DBManager you have to enter the password defined when creating the database. The password is not mandatory for the "operator" users.

Once logged the following panel is displayed:



This panel displays the list of the available sheets in the database.

There are two options to open a sheet:

If a sheet is already opened, its name is not displayed in the sheets list and is displayed with a plain square in the main window:



A sheet has its own life cycle based on 2 modes:

Once the sheet selected, click on the [OK] button. The program starts and the displayed content varies according to the mode of the sheet, "Creation" or "Update".